2020 Farm Tour Dates

Join us for guided tour of our sustainable livestock farm where we raise sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and honeybees.   Find the answers to life's pressing questions, like "how does the border collie know where you want the sheep?    How do the pigs stay behind that teeny little electric fence?  How do the pastures stay healthy if they're always being eaten?" 

Saturday, April 4   10:00 am or 3:00 pm

Meet the 200ish new lambs of 2020  and learn how we keep the
flock healthy, happy, and reasonably organized at this critical time of year.   Photo opps galore!

Fee $8 per person, pre-registration required

Notes:  Tour goes rain or shine. Walking may be required, if the weather and season are such that the lambs are out to pasture.  

Saturday, April 25  10:00 am or 3:00 pm

The name says it all! By mid-April, the lambs are born, the sows have piglets, and chicks are peeping in the brooder,   
Honeybees are active again, and the horses are shedding their shaggy winter coats. Spring is truly the season of renewal, and a lovely time to visit a farm. 

Fee $8 per person, pre-registration required
Note:  tour goes rain or shine. Walking required. 

Sunday June 28   3:00 to 5:00 pm

 Curious about bees? Thinking about keeping a hive or two but wish you could try it out first? Learn how to get started and the basics of equipment, managing hive health, and honey production. Inspect a hive and queen close-up. Taste samples of seasonal honey. See forage plots planted as nectar sources as well as cover crops. This is hands-on and veils are provided.  2-hour program. 

Fee $15 per person.  Pre-registration required, and limit of 12 

Your host Dave Owens has been raising honeybees for 19 years, and manages a dozen hives following organic principles.  He is an active member of Beekeepers of the Susquehanna Valley. 

Friday, August 7    5:00 to 7:00 pm

After resting quietly in the heat of the day, the animals become active again in the evening.  We'll check in on all the critters, and bring the sheep up close with the border collie.  If you came to the spring tours, you'll be surprised how big those babies have become.   

Fee:  $8, pre-registration required. 
Note:  tour goes rain or shine.  Walking required. 

Sunday Oct. 4     2:00 pm.
Fall is the season to bring in the sheep for sorting into various groups to sell, keep, or breed. The border collies are essential for gathering the flock and herding them down to the handling system,  a brilliantly engineered system of chutes, pens, and gates. We'll also check in with the other animals like the
‘piglets’, all grown up now, the fall chickens, and the turkeys.

Fee: $8, pre-registration required.
Note: tour goes rain or shine. Walking required.