Piglets on Pasture Workshop

Piglets on Pasture
Saturday, June 8, 2013
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
It should be “easy and natural” to produce pigs in a humane and sustainable manner..but it’s not! So many challenges--piglet losses, shelter, feeding, weaning, fencing, castration, temperature control, human safety, and more. In this workshop, three pasture-based producers will share their experience, and shorten your learning curve considerably.

Program Fee $55 per person  kids under 12 free

Preregistration required, as seating is limited

Traveling long distance? We have guest lodging for one group of 2-6 people at a workshop
rate of $85. Contact us for availability. 


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PART 1:  Author Kelly Klober joins us by teleconference with “Farrowing Tips For Pasture-Based Hog Production”.

Yes, Missouri farmer Kelly Klober literally “wrote the book:” on outdoor hog production. He has raised Durocs for 35 years, sticking with pasture-based production when it seemed the whole world was moving inside to confinement hogs.  He writes for both Storey Publications and Acres magazine, and we are thrilled to have him with us due to the miracle of technology. Bring your questions, because the teleconference is a two-way conversation. 


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PART 2: Tour Owens Farm pastured Tamworths
Your hosts Caroline and David Owens will show how they raise pasture and woods-based Tamworths. With 6 sows in production, There should be pigs of various ages and stages at the time of the workshop.

PART 3: Year-Round Farrowing Using AI at Purely Farm, Pipersville PA
Marc and Joanna Michini raise pastured pigs to support their thriving Farmers Market business, and had to figure out some creative strategies for evening out their pork supply.

PART 4: Roundtable Wrap-Up
A last chance to cover questions and topics not otherwise discussed during the day. 

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