Piglets For Sale

   We do sell Tamworth feeder piglets. Piglets are reserved ahead of time with a $25 deposit, which comes off the selling price of $125 at pick-up. The exception is if you want an uncastrated male which you intend to use for breeding. He would be $155, and would need to be reserved in advance with a $50 deposit because we castrate soon after birth.
   Our piglets are born in Porta-huts from pastured sows who were also born here. We do not clip needle teeth, dock tails, or give iron shots. The piglets are weaned around 7 weeks, at which point they are well-started on solids.  Our Tamworths are purebred but most are not registered, so the piglets will not come with pedigrees.
   Don’t be embarrassed to contact us way ahead of time: some of our customers put deposits on piglets yet to be conceived. It helps us all plan ahead.    

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We do not use farrowing 
crates, or force our sows 
into a contained area.
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Our piglets do not live
 in muck.
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We don't wean the piglets
until at least 7 weeks.
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Well, it’s like this: 2015 spring piglets are sold out, based on average litter size. However, if we have bigger-than-expected litters,  we might a few extra piglets to sell. But we won’t know till they are born. Bottom line is, if you have flexibility, feel free to check in with us. 

No pig-chasing: your piglets
will be waiting for you in
 the trailer or small enclosure 
on pick-up day.
Closed herd for biosecurity. 
We do not bring in pigs from 
other farms to fill orders:  we 
only raise what we breed.  
The one exception is to bring
in a new boar every couple of