Jumpstart Into Electric Fencing

Jumpstart Into Electric Fencing
Saturday, June 4, 2011
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Save time, money, and frustration in using electric fencing for rotational grazing of sheep, hogs, cattle, chickens, and horses. Try different fencing equipment for yourself. Participate in team time trials to explore the speed and efficiency of fencing options. Learn strategies for training your livestock. Netting, polywire, portable solar chargers, and semi-permanent subdivisions will be studied, as well as troubleshooting fence problems. 

This workshop is not sponsored by a fencing company, so we can speak candidly about our experiences with different products.  Note: We will not be focusing on amps, joules, and choosing your energizer. The fencing supply companies are in the best position to advise you there. What we will do is take you from the point where you have already purchased and installed the correct energizer and are ready to get the most use out of it. Our goal is to shorten your learning curve so you can get your operation up and running faster and with fewer headaches.
Bring a Covered Dish to share for lunch!

Limited to 15 people, to ensure hands-on involvement for all. Program fee $45 for first person in the family 12 years and older. Second family member $40.


The Owens family has been raising sheep, hogs, cattle, chickens, and horses since 1992 using portable fencing hooked to hi-tensile perimeter. They have had the challenging experience of moving from a small farm to a ten-times larger farm and having to re-tool their fencing strategies under time pressure.  They are happy to share what they have learned, to hopefully shorten the Learning Curve for other farmers. Caroline and David have three children, who learned many bad words from listening to mommy working with electric fence.   

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