Guided Farm Tours

     April 1-November 1

  Take a close-up look at how we raise happy and healthy animals in a natural setting without the use of chemical inputs. We use sustainable farming practices to manage our ecosystem such as rotational grazing, cover-cropping, and use of GMO-free grain from a local feed mill.

Things are always changing on a farm, but here is the usual cast of characters:

Sheep and lambs:  100 to 300, depending on the time of year. In spring, the lambs are newborn and near the barn.  In summer, they are on pasture and you can see the border collie working. 

Pastured pigs: pigs don't have to be raised in concrete pens in smelly buildings. See how playful and content our Tamworth pigs are in the fields and woods.

Chickens: no confinement buildings with big fans here. Our meat birds start as chicks in a warm brooder, then move outside to green grass.

Honeybees: our hives are managed with natura, l chemical-free methods. Taste their delicious honey!

Horses and cattle:  our horses are used for riding and driving, and always enjoy a visit and a friendly scratch. Sharing the pasture are the beef cows.

Use form below or call or email at least a week in advance. Tours are scheduled Wednesday through Saturday as available. The fee is a flat $30 for one hour for groups of one to fifteen people. For groups of more than fifteen, the rate is $2 per person per hour. If your group wants to stay after the guided portion of the tour and use the picnic tables for lunch or snack, that would be an additional $1 per person. 

We find that for small groups with young children, an hour is sufficient. For larger groups, school tours, and those who want to see and discuss more in depth, 2 hours works best. Feel free to discuss your group’s needs with us. For mobility-impaired groups, we can drive through the pastures in the summer. 


Add a Wagon Ride To Your Farm Tour!


Great Moments in Farm Tour History

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