Coopworth Sheep

Our flock now has 125 ewes.  We have two breeds: Coopworths and Katahdins. The Coopworth is a wool breed prized by handspinners for its lustrous, crimpy fleece. The breed was developed in New Zealand as a dual purpose breed (meat and wool) which would do well on a grass-based farm.  The Katahdin is the complete opposite--a sheep without wool! They have a hair coat similar to goats. The Katahdin was developed in the state of Maine as a meat animal which would not need shearing

Both breeds have an important place here at the farm.  Our Adopt-A-Sheep families, Sheep Camp kids, and other folks appreciate the traditional wooled breed.  However, we need lots of sheep for the lamb we sell to folks looking for local, grass-fed meat. Since I do my own shearing, I don’t mind not having to shear the other sheep!

Our sheep are out on pasture all year except for 6 weeks during lambing when they are in the barn under close observation. They eat grass from April through December, supplemented with our own hay as needed. During the last 6 weeks of pregnancy, the nutritional demands of the growing lambs cannot be met with forage,so we add grain to their daily ration.


No horns
Calm disposition, 
good flocking 
stocky build
fattens easily 
on grass.
Medium size easy for women and kids to handle
Muscular build means 
good carcass quality.
Strong black hooves 
resist foot problems
Hardy outdoors
 in all seasons
2017 lambs Sold Out...
contact us regarding current wait lists 
Rams $275 ea.  Ewe lambs $250.
Mature ewes sometimes available for special reasons.
Natural colors as 
well as white
Long, silky, lustrous 
fleece with a defined 
crimp.  Easy to spin.

For more information on Coopworth Sheep, go the website of the American Coopworth Registry