Adopt-A-Sheep For The Classroom
Looking for a EWE-NIQUE Class Project?
Adopt-A-Sheep for your classroom at Owens Farm!
Now registering for Spring 2010 Semester Jan-June 2010. 
This timeframe includes shearing and lambing.
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-Your sheep’s wool with “Wonderful Wool” activity book
-Monthly, themed letters filled with sheep information
-Autographed copy of “A Lamb’s Tale” (see button on left)
-Classroom Poster
-Take-home souvenir for every child in your class
-We’ll let you know when your sheep has her lamb--even during school hours!
-Field Trip(s) to farm or DVD of important events
 (school policies vary regarding field trips. Come if you can!

Program Fee:  $85
Register by:  December 20, 2009
Adoptions taken on a first-come, first-served basis,


Q. Where is your farm located?
A. We are on Mile Post Rd, between Sunbury (4 1/2 miles) and Danville (10 miles)

Q. I am very interested, but my field trip budget is limited or non-existent. How can I best utilize this program?
A. If you can take one trip, come in September or October when the weather is nice and the leave are turning. If you can take 2, come again in December to see how we prepare the sheep for winter.  If budgets, school policies, or previous plans prevent you from coming out in person, don’t worry. We can provide you with digital photos and video clips of your sheep and her farm. 

Q. When do we get our fleece?
A. The fleeces are sheared in February, so if you adopt in the fall semester we will bring your fleece over in the spring. If you adopt your sheep in the spring semester, you would be invited to come to the shearing. Some folks choose to do two adoption periods, spring and fall. 

Q. How big is your farm? What would the kid see?
A. Our farm is 112 acres of rolling fields, a big ol’ white farmhouse, traditional Big Red Barn, and a pond. In addition to 100+ sheep, the kids will see cows, pigs, horses, chickens, a sheepdog, and let’s not forget the barn cats. 

Q. What if...what if our sheep gets sick?
A. We will keep you informd of your sheep’s life, even if illness or death strikes. You will be the first to know, and you can choose how to handle it with the kids. Should we have the misfortune to lose your sheep during the Adoption Period, you can either switch for another or get a refund.  (Note: it is rare to lose a mature ewe, but I think it’s important to discuss the possibility in advance. This is a working farm, and our Adopt-A-Sheep folks get a behind-the-scenes view of the “downs” as well as the “ups”.)

Do you still have questions? Call or email Caroline Owens for further info 
(570) 286-5309 (office) (570) 898-6060 (cell) or