Bees and Honey

For the past eight years we have been raising bees using traditional methods that do not rely on chemicals to treat the bees. We raise our own queens and constantly look for more natural methods to manage bees.DSCN1838

 Our honey is extracted throughout the summer and comes straight from the hive to you. We don’t hire out our bees and we don’t heat or pasteurize our honey. Signup on our mailing list we’ll let you know when fresh honey is available - it usually sells out quickly. beekeeping_20060520_0021

If you’re touring the farm be sure to check out the apiary, it’s usually buzzing with activity.

2013 Summer Update (7/29/13) - We took the spring honey off in mid June and it’s light and sweet. Only a few more pounds before we sell out.  I’ll plan to extract the summer honey in a few weeks and I’m planting some more buckwheat today. This has been an exceptional summer, just enough rain after the hot spell to keep the nectar flow coming. 

Our honey is available in 1 lb. glass jars and 12 oz Honey Bears with Drip Proof topdave_bees_in_orchard.


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